Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Everything Reminds Me Of Videogames 02

So far, I'm going to play it as I see it, upon watching a TV series, it struck me to list the games I wanted to play as I watch it. Currently, I finally got around to watching Spartacus. Here is the list of games I wanted to play while watching: 1. Colosseum: Road to Freedom for Playstation 2, that became Gladiator Begins for PSP.

If they combined any UFC game's mechanics with a lot of the good ideas from Colosseum, and backed it with a the theatrics and story ideas from Spartacus, it would make an even better game than it already is.   This proud game that I believe in doesn't get noticed enough.  The Playstation 2 version had much more depth than the PSP, it inspired training and roleplaying with your character.  How I would play is if my character fell and died instead of being wounded, I would start over with a new character.  There was much weight to the character's life, and many chances to never see him again. This game matches the TV series quite well. 2. God of War, respectively.  Mostly due to the "graphic violence". 3. If you happen to watch it as well (or again, is isn't new), you might find that the blood or the graphical blood they show look very similar to the Dragon Age Series. Gotta love the blood dragon. I was going to say Capcom's Shadow of Rome....but there's something about it that doesn't strike me the same as the ones mentioned above.  Fun though, nonetheless. That should do for now. Relevance: Hit and Miss, I'd say.  Colosseum is without a doubt the closest, but I am quite bias with my decision.  I'll let you be the judge.

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