Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Everything Reminds Me Of Videogames 03

Okay Okay, so bear with me on this one, I got a song for you to listen to.

Yes this is Emotion's "Best of My Love".  Yes, you continue to wonder how this is game related...well every time I hear that song. 

This would be the song "Life's A Beach" from Breath of Fire III.
This is when you enter the Port Town of Rhapala.

 Now why is that?  Can you hear it?  Am I crazy? Maybe I just played the game too much. (that would be very very true.)

So let's experiment to get to the bottom of this:
I made the Best of My Love song a little faster to match the Rhapala song's tempo to find the connection, didn't do too much: 

My conclusion is it is all about the bass.

It might be in a different key, but they are very similar to each other and the bass really backs up the whole of the song.  And it's because of that I constantly think about that game.

End Result:
  It's a Longshot.

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